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Is there any way I can keep track of how much consumption goes thru the machine per day?


Yes you can. Please ask our service technician on his next visit for instructions.


What is Vienna Coffee supplying my business with?


We supply you with all our products (Beans, Milk, Chocolate, Decaf, Cups and lids if needed) with our coffee machine and our complete service. The service includes a filling technician who will come by on a regular basis and check your machine and fill up your product inventory. 


What if I have a problem with the machine?


There is a sticker placed on the side of the machine with the customer number and service call telephone number. Call the service line phone number(561-623-9711) and you will reach a technician who will be able to help you solve your issue with the machine.
The technician will come by within a few hours and fix the problem the same day.  Remember this service is provided free of charge to you, our customer.


What if I have a question about invoices or billing? Who do I call?


Please call our number at 561-300-4210 and someone will be glad to help you with any questions you will have.


If I run out of product, whom should I call?


If you ever run out of product, please call our service line at 561-623-9711. Also please note this phone number is on the sticker on the side of the machine. Someone will come immediately and fill up your product inventory.


Do I need to submit my sales tax certificate for the current year?


Yes by state law we must have one on file.


Do I need to order products?    


No. A filling technician will come by on a regular basis and checks your machine and fills up your product inventory.


Do I have to pay for products?


No. The product costs are already in the cup price. You only pay for the cups you drink, except of a small minimum.


Do I have to clean the coffee machine?


Yes. Please dump out the used coffee ground and please clean the drain regularly. Your filling technician will support you with the cleaning when he is there. 


Do I have to fill the machine?

Yes. Please check every day if the containers in the machine are filled. Please fill the machine carefully when necessary. If you have any questions the service technician will support you with the filling procedure.


How do I pay Vienna Coffee?


Once a Month a service technician will come and read out the numbers from the machine, then we send you an invoice just for your used consumptions. 

There are several ways to pay:          
a. You can send in a check
b. You can call the office and pay with a credit card
c. You can give the service technician a check or cash

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