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Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia. One story tells from a goatherd named Kaldi, who observed that his goats were very playful and alert, after they had eaten cherries from a bush. Surprised from this effect, he tried for himself from the cherries. He felt that the cherries gave him new energy.So far the legend shows that coffee is a fabulously refreshing drink.

Depending on your personal being, 

coffee can be:


  • relaxing

  • stimulating communication

  • enjoyable

  • performance-enhancing


In any case, coffee is an expression of individual lifestyle.With Vienna-Coffee coffee machines you can offer your customers, visitors, employees and, of course, yourself this distinctive way of life.Just as you wish, choose between different types of coffee (cappuccino, fresh coffee, etc.) and other hot beverages like hot chocolate or tea.

Read about the Austrian coffee culture and the Central European market leader where our experience is coming from .

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